Scary Christmas – 10 Gift Ideas for Paranormal Lovers (part 2)

My Countdown to a Horror Holiday

fright-before-christmasEighteen Days  until…the FRIGHT before Christmas, when all through the house, grotesque creatures will be stirring…


Welcome to SCARY CHRISTMAS, my countdown to a horror holiday, where I celebrate the paranormal side of the season. Yesterday I posted part one of 10 Gift Ideas for Paranormal Lovers. I searched high and low for some truly nightmare-inducing gifts sure to please even the most jaded horror fan in your life. And today I present the next five gift ideas, once again listed in absolutely no sensible order…

alien_facehugger_plush6. Alien Facehugger Plush I can’t imagine this being the most comfortable pillow in the world, but sometimes you gotta suffer for your passion! Lovers of the Alien franchise will absolutely have to add this to their collection, and morbid people I’m sure would get a kick out of snuggling with the little guy.

bleedingskullcandle7. Bleeding Skull Candle My family had one of these when I was young and impressionable, and the very sight of one today sends shivers down my spine. Light up the Bleeding Skull Candle and begin your night of mayhem and horror. As it burns, bright red wax will ooze from its eye sockets and down its face, pooling ever so deliciously on the table.

anatomical-skull-tote8. Anatomical Skull Tote Bag This stout canvas carry-all features a vintage anatomy illustration and is the perfect size for carrying a severed  human head. That worked out well!

zombiefoot9. Zombie Foot Dog Toy Are you a prepper? Then don’t forget Fido! Prep your pooch for the zombie apocalypse with this squishy vinyl dog chew toy that looks remarkably like the detached foot of the undead.

xsanta_monsters_gift_wrap10. Santa Monsters Gift Wrap You can’t wrap these delightfully accursed gifts in just any old Christmas wrapping paper. The designs feature monsters in Santa hats, and the website says it’s creepy, but still holiday-appropriate.


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