Scary Christmas – Paranormal Holiday Pictures

My Countdown to a Horror Holiday

ghostxmasstockingsIt’s 17 days until the big day…have you hung your stocking with care?

Is there any time of year when people take more pictures than the holidays? Family and friends with ear to ear grins. The children opening presents. The decorations on the tree. Snapshots of memories meant to last a lifetime. But what if those pictures sometimes end up capturing uninvited guests?

I’m talking about ghosts or other supernatural phenomenon showing up in the shot. You probably have seen it online. Possibly you’ve witnessed it firsthand. I know I have, and the experience was quite surreal. Strange shapes and orbs of light. I know orbs have been mostly debunked, but some of them were quite odd, with grotesque faces and misshapen heads. It was very scary. Though I don’t have those pictures anymore, I found many interesting examples of Paranormal Holiday Pictures…

Image credit: © Yitsak

I’ll start with this pic, only because if it’s real and not manipulated, then it’s one of the scariest apparitions I’ve seen in a photo. Look on the wall in the dark part near the center of the picture (click to enlarge). There is what appears to be a glowing face of some sinister and loathsome character.  Is it a hoax? Possibly. The image is creepy nonetheless.


Here’s another strange Christmas Tree picture, only this one is of a vapor trail, like something has moved quite rapidly toward the tree then changed directions and then possibly dematerialized into the ether. This ectoplasm trail isn’t the first the photographer claims to have taken.


This Tree shot is dramatic and striking, showing two large extending appendages and an amorphous nucleus of ectoplasmic vapor with a distorted shape of a human skull. Or is it human?


This paranormal Christmas picture is special, in that the strange and luminous spherical haze is located in a significant spot on the tree. The family had lost their father, and hung a special ornament on the tree in remembrance of their dad and husband. Miraculously, the strange “spirit orb” is centered directly on the ornament, and they believe it’s their dad’s presence! Inspiring!

That’s all for today. Thanks for coming by and please visit tomorrow for more Paranormal Holiday Pictures!


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