Scary Christmas – Paranormal Holiday Pictures (Part 2)

My Countdown to a Horror Holiday

zombie-santa-and-reindeer15 days until…Bodies roasting on an open fire. Zombies nipping at your nose…

I took Sunday off from the countdown. But I’m back, and today it’s part two of the Paranormal Holiday Pictures. Who hasn’t seen one abnormality or another in their festive family photos? An eerie, unexplainable double exposure. Odd spherical objects known as orbs. Funnels of curling, twisting sinister mists. Well, in this blog I examine those anomalies and more.


Orbs are an intriguing phenomena. Though the sightings of these strange spherical, luminous objects have been mostly explained away as reflections from dust particles, some of them appear to be more than that. Are they spirits? Some other supernatural entity?

In this picture, obviously at a Christmas party, the orbs appear to be of varied colors, which may be due to the holiday lighting. Or, possibly, the colorful entities are attracted to things that are similar to themselves, and the tree lights present an enticing opportunity to make a friend.


Sometimes, when presented with possible evidence of an otherworldly presence, one must keep an open mind. At the same time, one must consider the possibility it’s an outright hoax. Such as the case in this picture. Supposedly this is a shot of a girl who died of pneumonia at the age of three. The person who took the picture says the house had always been haunted by the ghost baby since she died, and visitors have seen her.


This is another picture in which the photographer swears the “ghost” is a family member. In this case, his brother who died of cancer. The amorphous cloudy shapes could be interpreted as menacing if you look at it long enough. Creepy! The question is, what is it? The photographer’s breath? Steam from the sewer? Whatever it is, it’s weird.


And finally, here’s a picture obviously taken at a family holiday gathering. The anomaly is similar to the one in the previous photo, only more subdued, possibly to the fact that this spirit possesses less energy. Just a hypothesis. What is it? Cigarette smoke? Hair on the camera lens? Or a deceased member of the clan, hoping to share in some Christmas cheer with loved ones?

Stop by tomorrow for the next post in my Scary Christmas countdown to a Horror Holiday!


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