Scary Christmas – 10 Creepy Tree Decorations (Part 1)

My Countdown to a Horror Holiday

scaryxmastree14 Days until…Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree,
of all the trees most bloody!

Welcome to my countdown to a horror holiday, where I celebrate everything scary, paranormal, supernatural, and just plain weird about this time of year. I’ve highlighted gift ideas for the paranormal and horror fans in your life. Why not make their horror holiday complete with a creepy Christmas tree? Add some spice to the centerpiece of the holiday and make it really fun and frightening. Don’t know where to start? You’re in luck, because I’ve compiled ten of the best Creepy Tree Decorations.


1. This Gothic skeleton skull Santa Claus is sure to give your little horror aficionado plenty of nightmares before Christmas.


2. These metal baby skulls will certainly create a terrifying tree , and once the holidays are over, you can wear them as jewelry!


3. “EYE” don’t think there’s a creepier or more unusual tree ornament than this! Is this how Santa sees you when your sleeping, hohoho!


4. The Ghost of Christmas Future, from the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. This piece is excellent because not only does it satisfy the ghost lovers in the family, it can also fit in with the more traditional tree ornaments.


5. Let this Zombie hang with you and yours this holiday season! It’s technically a bird feeder, but it would also make a terrifying and terrific tree ornament. And no two are exactly alike – the paint details may vary as these gems are hand painted.

Stop by tomorrow for the next five Creepy Tree Decorations!


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