Scary Christmas – 10 Creepy Tree Decorations (Part 2)

My Countdown to a Horror Holiday

scary santa113 Days until this guy leaves a lump of flesh in your stocking.

Considering Part 1 of the  Creepy Tree Decorations series, I’ve managed to assemble quite a bizarre Christmas tree. But I’m not done yet. Why not go all the way and make it as strange and scary as we can? To finish the job, here are five more of the weirdest ornaments I could find.

zombie-christmas-ornaments6. Zombie Christmas Ornaments. Keep your kids from peeking at their presents by guarding the tree with this assortment of undead characters: Gingerbread Zombie, Zombie Stocking and Zombie Mistletoe.

wicked_green_skull_ornament7. Wicked green Halloween skull. The spooky green skull hologram on this ornament is great for a horror themed tree. Perfect ornament or stocking stuffer for teens or Goths.

plushgorygingerbread8. Gory Plush Gingerbread Men. Mildly inappropriate for children, yet somehow adorably gory. These perfectly dreadful guys combine just the right amount of cute and gross to make it work.

plusheye9. Knitted Eyeball Ornament. Keeping with the plush theme from the previous ornament, this looks surprisingly real, giving you the convenience of having a plucked-out eyeball without all the muss and fuss.

eyeblob10. Last but certainly not least…I don’t have a clue what this thing is (maybe it’s that lump of flesh I was talking about earlier), but all I know is I want one. The website says it’s one of Santa’s lesser known minions, and that it has FIVE eyes. Now that’s creepy!


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