Scary Christmas – 10 Spooky Holiday Pranks

My Countdown to a Horror Holiday

xmasdrummer12 Days until the little drummer boy drums for YOU!

Something about the Holidays that brings out the mischievousness in many of Santa’s little helpers. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the overall furtiveness of the season. Sneaking around. Hiding things. Keeping secrets. Telling children lies about some fat man in a red suit who won’t bring them presents unless they are good little boys and girls. It’s just a whole month of mischief! No wonder why it’s a grand time of year for a deliciously devilish practical joke. I’ve scoured the net and compiled my list of the best of the best in what I call, 10 Spooky Holiday Pranks

santaelfprank1. Scary Santa Elf Prank Toronto. These mutant elf Santa things are the epitome of creepy. In the video they roam around the streets of Toronto viciously ringing bells in people’s faces and that’s supposed to be fun. At least the people pretend it’s fun. I just think it’s disturbing.

2. The Scary Snowman Holiday Prank. This one you might have seen, and that’s because it’s a great one. It starts out innocuously enough, with a cute and cuddly stuffed snowman on a storefront sidewalk. As a passerby passes by, the snowman drops the sign it’s holding (ostensibly due to wind?) and when the person picks up the sign, the snowman lunges toward them, and hilariousness ensues.

3. The Funny Scary Snowman Prank is a little different take on the original version (see number two), and this time Frosty isn’t so cute and cuddly. In fact he’s a menacing and tall and disheveled monster with a crooked carrot nose and a threatening frown of coal. When people pass by, he not only lunges, he chases them. It’s scary hilarious!

gutterhangxmas4. The Greatest Christmas Decoration Ever! At least that’s what it was called a few years back when it first hit the web. A classic is always worth a revisit, and this one is so good because of it’s realism. I mean, don’t you just want to run over there, pick up that ladder and help that poor “guy”? Great prank!

5. Bad Santa and his Questionable Gifts. This one is more a sociological study than a prank. It’s interesting to see people’s reaction to a shabby Santa handing out shabby gifts. I just about lost it when a girl unwrapped a present to find what she described as an unmarked bottle of apple juice, LOL!

Stop by tomorrow for the next five Spooky Holiday Pranks!


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