Scary Christmas – Supernatural Secrets of the Holidays

My Countdown to a Horror Holiday

paganxmas4 Days until the magic of the Season enchants us all.

I call it Scary Christmas. I call it my countdown to a Horror Holiday. But as I wrote in earlier posts, this series is not just about horror, but about celebrating everything scary, paranormal, supernatural, and just plain weird about this time of year.

With that in mind, and with the days until Christmas growing shorter, I am feeling the spirit of the Season. That warm, magical inner glow that defeats the gloom of the nasty weather and the cold and the short, dark days. And as such, I am shifting away from the things that fright to the things that delight. From the scary to the supernatural. Because Christmas is teeming with supernatural. And who is more supernatural than Santa?

pagansantaSanta the Pagan god. Saint Nicholas is a famous icon who is purported to have lived around 500BC. His myth expanded rapidly and he became the patron saint of many different people, including children. According to the consensus among religious historians, St Nicholas did not really exist in reality.  Instead  he is a Christianized edition of previous Pagan gods. The Nicholas myths were mainly started from tales of the Teutonic god called Hold Nickar, aka as Poseidon in Greek mythology. This efficacious god or the water was known to fly in the sky during the winter solstice, granting wishes to his followers down on Earth.

Santa the Sasquatch. Some believe the legend of Santa comes from the stories of the Wildman of the middle ages. He was a bearded ape-like creature . His body was covered in thick, matted hair.  The habitat of the wildman was the northern woods where he lived in a cave or den. His traditional beast of burden was the reindeer. Sound familiar?

Santa the Psychedelic Shaman. Even though the image of Santa Claus we see today was created partly by the marketing wing of Coca-Cola, in truth his looks, clothes, mannerisms and companions all mark him as the personification of psychedelic mushroom-gathering shamans of old. One of the side effects of eating these magic mushrooms is that the flesh on the face display a  reddish glow. Ever wonder why Santa is always depicted with glowing red nose and cheeks?

Stop by tomorrow for the continuation of Supernatural Secrets of the Holidays


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