My Works In Progress

As you may or may not have noticed, my blogging record is less than stellar. I just can’t seem to get into the blogging groove, and that’s fine as far as I’m concerned. Quite frankly I believe at this, still the fledgling stages of my writing career, my time is best spent writing. And bloggin’ ain’t writin’. With that said. I would like to use this space for updates on my projects, what they are, when they’re scheduled to be released, and what readers can expect from them. Here are my current works in progress, what we in the biz call WIPs.

  1. 8 MINUTES  – Length: Novella  – Genre: Supernatural Thriller  –  Expected date of release: January 2014  –  Notes: This is a fast paced, nonlinear story about a man who is racing against the clock to save his girlfriend and quite possibly thousands of others from a deadly viral outbreak. The only way he can do it is by finding a mysterious window of cosmic energy that rains down from space and hits the Earth in different places at different times…and for only 8 minutes.
  2. GHOST GUARD: AGENTS OF INJUSTICE (Working title may be changed) – Length: Novel –  Genre: Paranormal Thriller with Romance and Action – Expected date of release: July 2014 – Notes: This is the second installment in the GHOST GUARD continuum. This one is good…better than the first in my opinion. Rev and Abby are together, but that doesn’t stop the sexual tension and sparks from flying. And with a cult of high-tech soul kidnappers, they’re mission brings the team to the edge of disaster.
  3. JACK JAMES and the CHILDREN OF THE BLUE CRYSTAL – Length: Novel – Genre: Children’s Fantasy/Sci-Fi – Expected date of release: Summer 2014 – Notes: Jack is back! Takota and the Tanakee have helped to save the Children and now that they are all safe at the Black Pyramid, the real work can begin, the work of saving the universe from those nasty Nagas and their evil overlord, Essinis. But there’s one problem. Amelia is missing, and she might very well hold the key to the Eteean victory or defeat.
  4. UNTITLED – Length: Novel – Genre: Dystopian –  Expected date of release: Late summer/early fall.  – Notes: This is a book I’d set aside for a number of years and now feel I’m ready to continue to completion. It’s a Dystopian love story set against the backdrop of America’s future second Civil War.

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